We're matchmakers with a purpose


All it takes is the right partnership.

At On Purpose Ventures, we champion the progressive sectors, where impact is measured in ROI and ROP - Return on Purpose. Every time we identify a promising emerging business niche, we map the market, pinpoint the players and start matchmaking. The goal? Positive impact centred around sustainability, access and well-being.

You know your audience – our clients choose us because we see the bigger picture and where partnerships fit. We ignore nay-sayers and work with the doers, the innovators, the change makers and the entrepreneurs.

On Purpose Ventures is the people, and our structure is a portfolio of agencies. Each agency represents a business niche, an accompanying point of view, a methodology to identify opportunity, and a determination to achieve impact. If you’re going places, please get in touch, we’re keen to take you even further.


Our portfolio: